'Caliban Act 6'

 I wanted to do Caliban at the
end of Act 5, when everyone's
left the island and he can finally
relax.  I had to come up with a
new body design, and had a lot
of fun doing it!

Effetre glass, flameworked using
sculptural techniques.  Silver foil
is burnt into the base, and
tea stain was applied to the
surface after kiln annealing.

H 6.5cm, W  3.5cm, D 4cm

Sharon Peters   California, USA
 I've been flameworking since 1996,
and just love melting glass,
the colors and reflections,
and the moment when I'm *finally*
able to open the kiln door and
see what my glass doodles look like!



     'Caliban Act 6'  Photo: Sharon Peters


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