’Pelangi Bead’
(Pelangi is Indonesian for

I developed the technique  in
an attempt to reproduce
6th century beads of a type
only found in Indonesia,
brought to my attention by
bead researcher Jim Langton.

Length 2.3cm diameter 2.5cm

Made at the glory hole, from
lumps of colour, melted and
combed , and  hot worked
into a tube. A number of
beads are then pinched off
the end of  this patterned tube.

Patrick Stern  UK

A glassmaker for 26 years,
included in the
Corning New Glass Review.


My work with hot glass has
been an exploration of the
creative potential of the
interaction of hand and eye
with the transitory fluidity of
the medium.   


     'Pelangi Bead'  by Patrick Stern     Photo: Lucy Hunt

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