Miranda’s memories about her
past sank in a depth as great,
dark and desert than the one
where the ship victim of the
Tempest lay.
Only a few shadows emerge from
“the dark backward and abysm
of time".

H 7cm, W 1.8cm, D 1.8cm

The bead’s core is realised in a
clear glass on which are laid
stringers first prepared by coating
black glass by anis, amethyst and turquoise blue transparent glass.

Nathalie Painchart   France

Scientist, she completely changes
direction with lampworked beads.
Trained in the Departmental Glass
Museum of Sars-Poteries,
she was then involved in training
students and joined the
‘Les Amis du Musée du Verre”
(Glass Museum’s Friends)for
“La Journée de
la Perle de Verre”
(Glass bead day).


     'Depth' by Nathalie Painchart   Photo: Lucy Hunt

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