’Flotsam’, ‘Jetsam’

The Tempest opens with a storm and
a number of characters washed up on
the shore.
These two strange objects are also
shipwreck survivors but they have
qualities relating them to
boating equipment and also to
soft fruit. As a pair there has been
sort of energy exchange between
the two even though the rope
connecting them is broken and frayed.

55mm x 55mm x 90mm, rope variable
50mm x 35mmx 90mm rope variable

Core cast in crystal with rubber,
vinyl tape and jute rope

Max Jacquard  UK

Max Jacquard has established a
reputation for innovation both in
technique and conception.

Narratives are woven in and around
objects often transforming the familiar
or ‘found’ into strange and unsettling
realities using the glassy state as both
aesthetic and metaphor. His style
combines personal stories with diverse
cultural references including
archaeology, nature, landscape and
craft traditions.



     'Flotsam' and 'Jetsam'  by Max Jacquard    Photo: Lucy Hunt

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