Gonzalo spoke “We split…we split!….now I would give a
thousand furlongs of sea an
acre of barren ground”

Based on  
The Tempest
Act 1, Scene 1

Large glass oval “Sea” bead
with remnants of the
shipwreck attached from
stainless steel loops, Ships
wheel & anchor (plastic –
found objects), and row boat (handmade by artist )
attached with silver chain.

H 8cm, W 5cm, D 3.5cm

Lamp-worked glass bead,
Stainless Steel loops pushed
into the glass, row boat
hand fabricated from sterling silver
then oxidised, plastic found

Kathryn Wardill   Australia

Kathryn received her
Master of Arts, (Fine Art) in 1998
from RMIT University.
She is a full-time jeweller,
metalsmith, and glass bead
artist who actively participates
in group and solo exhibitions
in Australia and overseas.



     'Shipwreck'  by  Kathryn Wardill     Photo: Lucy Hunt

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