The Mastery of Prospero

'I chose to make a book as Prospero had
a vast library at his disposal; the book in
question is ‘The Prince’ by
Niccolo Machiavelli, this book teaches
men to be successful leaders in life via
means both fair and foul.
Prospero manipulates all of the characters
in ‘The Tempest’ to a successful and
happy end for almost everyone. But one
must ask the question,
is Prospero the master of his books,
or they his master?'

3.5cm x 2.5cm


Julie Anne Denton  Isle of Man

'My name is Julie and I make glass,
I run a small studio in the Isle of Man
whilst teaching on the mainland and
abroad for four months of each year.
I work as a sculptor, combining
flameworked inclusionsinto large
sandcast glass sculptures, and I make
large scale flameworked objects.


     'The Mastery of Prospero'  by  Julie Anne Denton 
     Photo: Lucy Hunt


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