'Curl'd Clouds'

When I was offered the challenge
of "Tempest", I took it upon myself
to reread the play.
This awakened a quest that
ended with Bill Bryson's hilarious
short bio of Shakspear..
or Shakespere or whoever...
I dropped the original when photographing, and had less
than 24 hours to remake
and mail the piece!

H 6.2cm, W 1.4cm, D 1.4cm

Lamp worked glass with blown
shards and raked glass
combined with fine silver
and reduction.

John Winter  USA

I started making beads in 1990
with a welding torch, using
bicycle spokes as mandrels...
Since then I've been fortunate
to make a living of sorts in this
most ancient of crafts.
Being appointed adjunct
professor at the
Corcoran College of Art
in Washington, DC was  the
realization of dreams.


     'Curl'd Clouds' by John Winter         Photo: Lucy Hunt

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