'Caliban '

Inspired directly by the Tempest
theme I have chosen to make my
own interpretation of the heads
of Caliban and Prospero
as I felt they lent themselves
to be cast into large chunky

 H 9cm, W 6cm, D 6.5cm

Lost wax cast glass with enamel
colours and applied glass pieces

David Reekie  UK

Although glass is my main
medium I use other materials
and found objects in my work.

I am driven by a desire to make
things and during this making
process I have the effects and
qualities that glass can give me
at the back of my mind.

Politics and how society affects
our lives is always a constant
I combine all these influences in
my drawings and these eventually
filter through to the work.


     'Caliban' by David Reekie   Photo by Lucy Hunt

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     In partnership with the
International Festival of Glass 2008

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