I like to tell stories about peoples
with my beads, about their
dreams, their memories,
their requires…

This is a bead with a portrait of
Miranda remembering their
shipwreck in the tempest…

H 5cm, W 2.5cm,  D1.2cm

Soft glass, etched, painted with
liquid bright gold,
copper mesh, cookie box
(for the flag)

Claudia Trimbur-Pagel 

After studies in an art college in
Germany, I worked during 10 years
as graphic designer in the
Greater Paris area. Having left this
region for the northern France, I discovered glass bead making
completely by chance by seeking
supplies for mosaic. I started as an autodidact, thereafter I made
workshops with Akihiro Ohkama,
Diana East and Sarah Hornik.




     'Miranda'   by  Claudia Trimbur-Pagel   Photo: Lucy Hunt

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     In partnership with the
International Festival of Glass 2008

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