'Madame Pompadour'


Independent of the chaos around,
nature maintains its perfect order
the law of nature.
The biological rules are defined
and clearly structured and always
prove to be right. What at first
glance may appear to be chaotic
is a pattern of perfectly organized

Flame work bead  making

H 2.7cm, W  3.2cm, D 3.2cm

Anne-Lise Meier


As a musician I love the spontaneous performance. My background as an
optician teaches me to trust the eye
and to rely on the steady hand.
I focus on the precision of technique
and use it for my personal expression.
The tension between mathematical
rhythm and free improvisation inspire
me in my work, both in music and in beadmaking.


     'Madame Pompadour' by Anne-Lise Meier  
     Photo: Lucy Hunt

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